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An Insider’s Walking Tour Experience

As a seasoned tour guide with years of experience, I am excited to introduce you to the perfect walking tour itinerary in Split Walking tour in Split with Alenka!

Unveiling the Magnificence of Diocletian’s Palace

Our tour delves deep into the heart of Diocletian’s Palace, unraveling the intriguing history and rich culture that define Split. Moreover, I seamlessly blend sightseeing with captivating storytelling, offering you a comprehensive insight into everything Split has to offer in just one tour.

Starting Point: Riva – Gateway to History

Our journey typically commences at the iconic Riva , standing proudly in front of the South or Bronze Gate . As we explore this historical marvel, a mystery awaits – what ancient era preceded the grandeur of Diocletian’s Palace? Even esteemed local and international archaeologists remain puzzled by the enigmatic origins of this monumental site. 🤔

Delving into the Dramatic Cellars

Furthermore, this year brought a significant change as local souvenir traders bid adieu to the central passage in the cellars. However, the ambiance in the cellars now echoes the dramatic tales of its past, creating a captivating atmosphere for our exploration. Entry to the central part of the Cellar is complimentary, while a nominal fee of 8 euros per person grants access to the eastern and western sections. Embarking on our 3-hour city tour is a definite must!

Perystil – Where Time Stands Still

Nestled within Diocletian’s Palace lies the enchanting Perystil, hailed as one of Croatia’s most picturesque squares. Here, antiquity harmoniously coexists with the Middle Ages, modernity, and the present, painting a mesmerizing tableau for all who visit.

Embracing Cultural Treasures

The cathedral and the Temple of Jupiter beckon with their historical allure, offering an immersive experience at a ticket price of 9 euros per person for the 2024 season. Various ticket combinations cater to diverse preferences, allowing you to explore these iconic sites at your leisure.

Dive Deeper into History at Museums

Diocletian’s Palace hosts two cultural gems – the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of the City of Split. While the latter is undergoing research this season, the former promises a profound journey into the life, legends, and customs of Split and Dalmatia. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the private chambers of Emperor Diocletian within the museum’s confines.

Unveil Hidden Treasures with Split Card

Enhance your experience with the Split Card, unlocking discounts on tickets, excursions, sightseeing tours, and dining options. 💳

Must-Visit: Gallery of Meštrović

Make sure to include the Gallery of Meštrović in your itinerary for a panoramic view of the sea and neighboring islands from this architectural marvel. Immerse yourself in the captivating collection of Ivan Meštrović, a Croatian artistic legend.

Embrace the Simple Joys of Split

Some of the city’s finest treasures come at no cost – savor a serene sunset while lounging on the Riva or witness the playful dynamics of seagulls, fish, and cats from the vantage point of the Smart Bank. 🌅

Join me on this enchanting walking tour through the timeless streets of Split, where every corner reveals a new story waiting to be told. 🚶‍♂️🌺

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