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Game of Thrones- Klis Fortress as Meereen

I was an extra in 5th season 4th episode of Game of Thrones 🙂 – how, why, what for…???

Namely, an open casting call was advertised on Facebook, for me, a relatively unknown, new filming project in Croatia.

I had decided to take a chance on the audition, so I sent an application and required photos. And I forgot…

Six months later, my cell phone rang, staff of GOT and me arranged casting. No doubt, I was very curious about film-making, and for a long time to be an extra was on my To Do List.

Soon, a few months later, the gathering place was in dawn in an industrial zone.

A huge warehouse was set aside for wardrobe, makeup, hairdressers and dining room. Around 100 extras had been separated into categories – Former Masters, Slaves, Unsullied’s, which were represented by different long rows of costumes.

Also, everyone’s costume is made to measure.

The hairdresser took two hours for my hair. Makeup was excluded. The director insisted on the natural look of the former Masters.

Furthermore, before getting dressed in the costume, a very good breakfast was served, the beginning of the all-day nourishment loved by extras.

A standard day was 12 hours.

Meereen on the Klis Fortress. Masters get rest a rest in 5. season GOT

I was an extra in one crowd scene in Meereen, in the Klis Fortress.

On one side of Khaleesi’s throne there were former Masters, on the other side the slaves.

In the show, that scene lasts about 10 minutes, and it was shot in only two days.

No wonder, that director and assistants appreciated our contribution. At the end of the day they greeted us with gratitude.

We tried it endless ways. Shouting. Threatening. Gesticulating. Stunning. Whispering. Shocking. Arguing. Moving. Forward movement, backward movement.

The director and his assistants moved the cameras around, the scene must be shot from the different corners in so many variations. Exhausting but enjoyable.

Furthermore, I was an extra for two days. It was in September 2014.. Usually, September usually brings a lot of work for tour guides, and I’ve rejected the invitation of the casting office for some further scenes.

It was great experience, I was an extra – mission accomplished !!

Until then, I have not read any of the books. I have never watched a single episode of the popular television show. But everyone else in my surroundings was obsessed with “Game of Thrones”.

Next day, after the GOT, I was guiding a full bus of Americans. When I mentioned my experience, when I showed them some of my photos, they started to scream with delight. Our bus driver was terrified, what had happened on the bus.

They were not interested in Diocletian and his UNESCO Palace, in the history of Split, Hajduk…they were interested only in Game of Thrones.

Due to the agreement with show about shout our mouth, very carefully I told them the story without important details, but they were so delighted audience .

Each of them wanted a photo with me. They treated me like a movie star.

However. next winter, I seriously immersed myself  in GOT, watched all seasons and started to guide the Game of Thrones tour.

Still, even now in 2024 years, I’m guiding Game of Thrones Tour in Split and Klis Fortress.