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These Walking Tours are private tours, you won’t be in a group with unknown people.
On web site scroll the tours, accord your interests book the tour and send me an e-mail.
I’ll respond with the details, available time, price, and answers to your question.

I work and cooperate with travel agencies, I guide groups that come by bus, plane, cruise ship. 

These walking tours are light and require happy, relaxed people in comfortable shoes.

Once the Tour is complete, please, be kind, jump on Tripadvisor and rate our tour. 
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Walking Tour in and around Diocletian’s Palace

Citizens of Split used to say, roman emperor Diocletian, has built his Palace in the most beautiful place in the world, in Dalmatia. To clarify, citizens usually exaggerate, but since 1979th is UNESCO World Heritage listed site. However, find a reason to hire a tour guide !
34 Reviews

Walking tour in Split with Alenka

This 3-hours long private tour with Alenka is not only mix of information and entertainment, but also cover history and cultural heritage, as well as modern life with exciting storytelling.Recommended for cruise ship guests and for all those who prefer the luxury of a private walking tour.
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Game of Thrones Tour in Split-Meereen

Discover moreover, the best of both worlds: UNESCO World Heritage – Diocletian’s palace & Game of Thrones tour. In addition, see where the best Meereen scenes were filmed. Find out, why producers choose this place.

Walking tours

34 Reviews

Storytelling tour-With Priska through the Palace

Self-denying, invisible, Roman patrician, wife of the Roman emperor, mother of Roman Augusta, but never empress -her Majesty PRISKA
34 Reviews

Walking tour in Trogir with Alenka

Trogir Walking tour. Your tour guide tells the story of God Kairos, Kamerlengo fortress, St. Laurentius cathedral, City Lodge, and moreover, of medieval spirit in the narrow streets of Trogir.
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Taylor-made excursions

Accord your wishes, I can organize excursions to city of Dubrovnik, Šibenik, to National Park Krka, or to island of Hvar. Excursions include transfers and walking tours.

About me

Hi, I’m Alenka.

For the past twelve years I’ve been working as a tour guide for English and German speaking tourists, licensed for Dalmatia region.

I was born and raised in the city of Split.

Split is a city of harmony of ancient and medieval architecture on one side and temperamental citizens on the other side. Growing in an ancient city, therefore awake the fascination for the history, history of art, sense for the beauty and foreign languages.

Although, I’ve a degree in economics, however my real passion led me in tourism.

I attended the Storytelling eduction with the intention of telling you the 1,700 –year-long history of the Palace, full of gossips, murders,fidelity,cruelty, in the most interesting way.
As a local tourist guide in Split, I offer guiding, which includes introduction to the Mediterranean lifestyle, gastronomy tour, story about Hajduk, explanation meaning of fjaka, pomalo, graphite 1950….

About me

Hi, I’m Alenka.

For the past twelve years I’ve been working as a tour guide for English and German speaking tourists, licensed for Dalmatia region.

As a tourist guide, I am constantly discovering new interests, expanding my knowledge, improving my storytelling skills. I passed the 1st degree of the sommelier course. A few years ago, I trained as a heritage interpreter, and after that I attended a storytelling course.

I enjoy working as a tourist guide, because I really, really love my city, my region, my homeland. In my free time, I do outdoor activities, travel, hiking, skiing, but also chilling on the beach.
So, come with me, and discover city of split and Dalmatia.

What will you discover

Come with me, take the walking tour in Dalmatia, in UNESCO listed sites.       

Further, before you make  decision about walking tour, answer 4 questions !

  1. Are you interested, for instance, to immerse in to 1700 years of history of Diocletian’s Palace, full of gossips, murders, fidelity, cruelty?
  2. Do you want to fall in love with Split & Dalmatia and therefore create a memory of lifetime ?
  3. Would you like ,  for instance, to reveal  why Croatian Mediterranean diet was inscribed in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity ?
  4. Are you curious to know, why, for example,  wished we  to Zinfandel welcome home, 20  years ago ?


  1. Do you want to find out meaning of graphite 1950 , and above all, why is Split sport city ?
  2. Could you guess, why Split will host ULTRA MUSIC Festival in 2022.,for 8th times ?
  3. Do you  know why producers of Game of Thrones chose Diocletian’s Palace as Meereen,capital of Daenerys Targaryen?
  4. Are you ready to shoot 10.000 photos, in the extraordinary exteriors with sea views, when you drink red wine and eat sea fish, under the palm trees in sunset, in the morning…and share on social medias and above all,  your friends, family, neighbors, haters will see your great vacation?



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An Insider’s Walking Tour Experience

An insider’s Walking Tour Experience: tips

Top things to do in Split – Game of Thrones tour

A blog about how I became an extra in Game of Thrones and how it affected my life and my job as a tourist guide.

Storytelling tour- With Empress Priska through the Palace

She, self-denying, invisible empress, existing in the shadows of power and never gaining the title she rightfully deserved – Empress Priska

How did I become a tourist guide in Croatia and why?? Die hard 1-4!

After the bankruptcy of the company I worked for, during the great global crisis in 2008, I decided to work in tourism, the only branch of the economy that flourished in my city at that time.


There’s nothing worse than getting to a new destination, one of the Top Ten in the world, spending your time, money and missing the chance to see the best of the place, to feel experience, about which, talk to all travelers.