Tour Guide Split

How did I become a tourist guide in Croatia and why?? Die hard 1-4!

After the bankruptcy 💣of the company I worked for, during the great global crisis in 2008, I decided to work in tourism, the only branch of the economy that flourished 🌺 in my city at that time.

I supplemented my academic education in economics with a course for a tourist guide.

Therefore, I consider myself a “forever student” 🎓, eager to improve my knowledge of foreign languages, history, and culture of my region.

Then I said to myself: Let the games begin 🚀!

At this time, a new colleague gave me my first job. I was supposed to replace her on one excursion.

“For instance, what should I do? “- I asked her.

Absolutely, be you ! Be the Alenka I drink coffee with and chat with, now, smile a lot like usual 😄! Besides, don’t look at other guides, don’t look at what others are doing, do it on your way. Be unique, as you are – and that’s the key ” – she answered me.

Following her advice, I decided to be me 😊!

I’m continuously improving my skills and searching for new stories to capture the attention of new guests.

Furthermore, I attended storyteller training, as well as a sommelier course.

Certainly, my priority was and still is to be a personable guide with a perfect balance of culture, history, architecture, gastronomy, experience from shooting Game of Thrones, lifestyle and moreover fun and humor!

No doubt it wasn’t easy.

Definitely, it’s better to be described by clients who were on my tours.

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👉Currently, I’m working as a freelance tour guide in Dalmatia in English, German as well as Croatian language. I guide private tours, as well as agency groups, and cooperate with numerous agencies that have guests from countries all over the world.

My hometown is Split, but I guide the cities of Trogir, Šibenik, Hvar as well as Dubrovnik with equal dedication.

👉The Best-selling tour is the 90 min Walking Tour in and around Diocletian’s Palace!