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Storytelling tour- With Empress Priska through the Palace

In storytelling tour,empress Priska with roman soldiers on the Golden Gate

It is my honor and pleasure to invite you on a storytelling tour, with Priska, the wife of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, through the Palace.

Buckle up, my dear explorers, as we embark on a journey through time to uncover the hidden tales of Empress Priska, Emperor Diocletian  and their Palace!

As we wander along the ancient streets, feel the excitement as the story of this enigmatic woman slowly unfolds. Also, imagine her, the self-denying, invisible empress, existing in the shadows of power and never officially gaining the title she rightfully deserved – Empress Priska! Why?!

While Diocletian was busy ruling the Roman Empire, Priska found solace within the majestic walls of the palace. Undoubtedly ,the Cardo and Decumanus, the main streets of this grand fortress, witnessed her curious footsteps, always dressed in the finest Roman clothes. Equally, there was the Peristyle, the heart of the palace, where Priska would take her rightful place, observing the empire from afar. Truth?!

After, step by step, we venture towards the imperial apartment, passing through the captivating Vestibule. It was here that Priska must have pondered the purpose of the palace’s construction, and why she wasn’t allowed to choose the colors and motifs of the splendid mosaics adorning its walls. Realy?!

But let’s not dwell on tragedy, my friends! Priska’s fascinating story takes an unexpected turn as we venture into the mysterious Cryptoporticus. Here, whispers of forbidden love and secret meetings intertwine with the echoes of history. Did Priska find solace in the arms of another? However, the truth remains concealed within these ancient walls. Gossips?!

Furthmore, our journey continues as we step into the Triclinium, the dining hall fit for a imperial feast. For example, Priska seated at the head, surrounded by opulent delicacies and distinguished guests. Although she may not have been officially crowned empress, she was grace and elegant, leaving a lasting impact on those who crossed her path.

Now, my fellow time-travelers, it’s time to unravel the secrets hidden within these walls. Listen closely as Priska’s whispers blend with the stories of the present.

Finnaly, how has the Palace shaped the lives of the inhabitants who call it home today? The echoes of the past entwined with the bustling energy of the present create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Next logical step should be to join me on this captivating 70 min Storytelling tour- With Empress Priska through the Palace, as we uncover the untold tales of Empress Priska.

storytelling tour: with empress Priska through the Palace