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walking tour in Split with alenka
Silver Gate-Diocletian Palace
  1. There’s nothing worse than getting to new destination, one of the Top Ten in the world, spend your time, money and miss the chance to see the best of the place, to feel experience, about which, talk all travelers. You’ve red about history of city of Split, history of Dalmatia, amazing story of Diocletian’s Palace. Most visitors of Split  mention Mediterranean spirit in city, great sense for humor of locals, unusual customs, unbelievable worship of Hajduk, delicious local food, but even after two days you didn’t reach that level of enthusiasm !!!

2. Namely, after 90 min long Walking Tour in and around Diocletian’s Palace , you would realize, why you and million other visitors are here

After 3-hours Walking tour in Split with Alenka , aka Walking/ Foodie / GOT tour, you’ll become typical citizens of Split, drink coffee for 2-3 hours, enjoying in gossips, and make siesta after lunch, and, attention please, you will be proud about that.

After  only 1,5 hour long Walking tour in Trogir with Alenka, our, sometimes complicated history will become very simple.

After 70 min long Storytelling tour-With Priska through the Palace ,you you will understand the importance and exceptional of city of Salona and Diocletian’s Palace.

After Game of Thrones Tour in Split-Meereen, for sure, you will also decide on a tour of the Klis Fortress.

3. An ancient city of Split and Diocletian’s Palace live in shade of younger, but more famous brother, Dubrovnik. Almost every day I testify admiration of the visitors, especially cruiser’s ship’s guests. Their focus is on the Dubrovnik, mostly they thought, that the Walking tour in Dubrovnik is Top tour, nobody give a credits a city of Split. Eventually, Diocletian Palace & Split become huge surprise, with amazing stories ,eclectic architecture, cool & easy vibration.


Obvious benefits of the Tour is, in short time you become familiar to the city and citizens. You feel better, absolutely in cool mood. You learn more about 2000 years of history. You introduce yourself in our custom, take insight in the ancient heritage, influences of Venice, Austria, Yugoslavia. You reveal the reasons for hosting ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in last 10 years. You discover the reasons why Diocletian’s Palace used as capital of Daenerys Targaryen.

Not so obvious benefits of the Tour are, you will laugh more, because you feel fulfilled, you’ll glow.  You’ll be better companionship for your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, husband, wife, kids. You can share amazing experiences about your vacation. 

5. Diocletian, roman emperor choose this place for his Golden age, for his retirement. In addition, Sigmund Freud lived here for a while. When producers of Game of Thrones choose some place for shooting, there was no doubt to appropriateness of that place. Also, city of Split hosts worldwide famous ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL for 10 years.

6. I am tour guide for a long years, in English and German. Diocletian’s Palace is my office. I was born in Split, and grown up in Split, so this is my city, and I never change it for any city in the world, read About Me. St. Jerome is saint protector of Dalmatia , he has translated  Bible on the Latin, and his very famous expression was : „ Forgive me God, I’m Dalmatian“, so in that spirit, forgive me, but I’m fascinated with my city, and with  Dalmatia.

On my web site scroll the tours, choose what you want and book the tour, or send me an e-mail ,with your desires and suggestions . 

When you choose 2 tours ,the second one is offered with  discount.

 Undoubtedly, if you hired the same guide for this area (Split,Trogir,Klis Fortress, Salona, Hvar, Foodie tours, vine tasting, transfer to Dubrovnik… ), You would get more and pay less. The story would  flow logical, fluently ,it would be easier to connect the stories of different cities. 

7. The prices are guaranteed. For the quality of the tours,please read reviews on my Trip Advisor account , Dalmatia guide-private tours with Alenka, or on  Facebook page .  

8. In Dalmatia, unofficial beginning of the season is Easter, the end is on All saints day. In the meantime, in the season is quit difficult to find  available guide . Every  day cruiser’s ship’s agencies hired so many guides, visitors coming with charters, buses, ferries ,cars..

If I am busy on your requested time, I will try to provide you another guide, some of my excellent colleague. It’s possible to provide you guide in other languages.

Furthermore, check out my website, scroll for a while, find what you want, book the tour, or send me an e-mail. Tell me your suggestions, desires and wishes about the visiting Dalmatia, that means, visit Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Trogir, Salona, Šibenik, National park Krka, aka Taylor made excursions.   

But, if you, from any reason, wouldn’t hire a  guide: You could skip the chance for great memorable vacation in Croatia. You could  miss the chance to see amazing Diocletian’s Palace, so lively ancient city through the locals eyes! You wouldn’t  get know to focus on details, to find best photo shooting places. Don’t miss the chance to see city through local eyes.

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P.P.S.  Keep on your mind, visiting Split is not only history review, it’s life style tour, gastronomy tour..